Temperature Calibration Lab

Arabcal owns one of the best & well equipped temperature instrument calibration labs in UAE with ISO 17025 certification, equipped with various high accurate Temperature Calibrators and Reference Standards, with the capability to offer Calibration of temperature devices up to 1200 ̊C.

We also perform Temperature Surveys in accordance to API and AMS Standards. Temperature mapping for incubators, autoclaves and other critical instruments with ISO17025 accreditation. IR instruments calibration with high accurate black-body source.


ISO17025 accredited temperature calibration from -40 to +1000 ̊C.

Capabilities Lab Onsite
Digital Indicators & Probes
Glass Thermometers
Ear Thermometers
Climatic Chambers
Autoclaves, Ovens, Refrigerators & Chillers
Temperature Survey & Mapping
Dry block & Liquid bath calibrators