Globally, water treatment facilities secure an important position and therefore, the industries serving with water treatment services become automatically important. The water treatment comprises the treatment of all kinds of water from all resources (natural or man-made both). It includes portable water, agricultural water, industrial water, wastewater treatment, etc., for the utilization and re-utilization of the water/wastewater for living beings. For all the treatments, pH meters, temperature-sensitive instruments, barometers, valves, pumps, and many other types of equipment are required. For all these, efficient calibration is the first need. Above all, the calibrating instruments must be compatible with the humidity, wetness, and dryness so that the calibration and test results would not be affected.

Arabcal performs the Calibration and maintenance of all kinds of pH meters & serves all the water treatment testing and calibrating requirements with the best possible efforts and maximum accuracy at all clientele’s location.