The telecommunication industry is a vast industry which utilizes a myriad of devices for its functioning. It includes a gamut of filters, oscillators, analyzers, testers, spectrometers, cable testers, cable fault locators, PCM sets, Data Test sets, Laser power meters, Laser calorimeters, all optoelectronic devices, electronic devices, and many more. The telecommunication sector has been growing day by day with the need for high data and power transmission and storage. Therefore, every system, device, equipment, and even the smallest instrument used for telecommunication process must be precise and accurate in its working. For such an intense demand, all the systems must be calibrated so that the systems can handle the high traffic for voice, data, or power.

Arabcal has a fully-fledged lab laced with the high-tech instruments and technology to ensure the preciseness of the calibration in the telecommunication industry. We perform all types of calibration required for making the communication systems smoother. Our services are not restricted to any specific location; we serve globally with 100% efficient onshore and offshore calibration facilities.