A timely and precise calibration for marine equipment is critically essential. Since the non-calibrated equipment may cause excessive fuel/energy consumption or affect the functionalities of the on-board ships and marine instruments; a tailormade marine calibration becomes the sine qua non.

Arabcal has ISO 17025 certified lab for marine equipment calibration and ship management. We serve the marine industry with the calibration services for mechanical equipment of docks, harbour installations, seagoing craft and ship management. At Arabcal, the team of skilled professionals works with all the nitty-gritty of calibration for marine instruments with minimum error and maximum efficiency.

Along with calibration, the gas detection is important for the safety of crew on ship. Therefore, we perform the gas detection test to prevent the board ships from the inflammable or toxic gases during their journey. We perform the pressure tests, temperature tests, flow tests, measurements, calibration, gas detection, and repairing of all types of all marine instruments with onshore and offshore services.