Clean room validation services

Cleanroom validation is crucial to ensure that equipment and environments meet regulatory requirements and operate according to defined standards and certifications. At Arabcal, we understand the importance of cleanroom validation and offer comprehensive services tailored to various industries, particularly those sensitive to temperature and pressure fluctuations such as biomedical, aerospace, and analytical labs.

Clean room validation for operating theaters-

Arabcal’s cleanroom validation services for operating theaters encompass controlling environmental parameters essential for surgeries. These parameters include airborne particle testing, noise level testing, differential temperature and pressure monitoring, humidity control, and sterilization measures. We adhere to ISO regulations to ensure health safety and compliance with medical surgery requirements.

Clean room validation for NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit)-

In hospitals, where newborn babies, whether premature or mature, require specialized care, Arabcal provides cleanroom validation services for NICU facilities. Our validation process involves continuous monitoring of environmental factors such as airborne particulates, noise levels, vibrations, thermal stability, differential pressure, and humidity to ensure optimal conditions for newborns’ well-being.

Positive protective environment room validation

Arabcal specializes in validating positive pressure rooms utilized for patient recovery following major surgeries such as bypass surgery, organ transplantation, and cancer treatment. Our comprehensive validation process includes temperature balance assessment, relative humidity measurement, airborne particulate testing, air pressure balancing, particle count (both viable and non-viable), sterilization verification, airflow testing, ACPH (Air Changes Per Hour) calculations, containment testing, and light intensity measurement.

  • Temperature Balance
  • RH Measurement
  • Temperature Balance
  • Airborne Particulates Test
  • RH Measurement
  • Air Pressure Balancing
  • Particle count (Both Viable & Non-Viable)
  • Sterilization
  • Airflow Test & ACPH Calculations
  • Containment test
  • Light & Intensity Measurement